About Us

Our Mission

To build a sustainable grassroots coalition in the Mahoning Valley that will engage, mobilize, and empower all citizens to be agents of change; fighting for safety, health, and social and economic justice by way of direct action.  

Our Start

Valley Voices in Action came together in early January initially to mobilize to defend health care and the efforts to roll back the Affordable Care Act.  

The Mahoning Valley Organizing Committee and the Ohio Women’s Action Network community and faith members came together on January 15 to march and rally in Warren as a part of the national day of action. The group has stayed together to build grassroots resistance to the harmful policies that are working their way through Washington. 

Valley Voices in Action is proud to have joined with other community members and groups in the Valley to stand against the Muslim immigration ban and many marched on January 21 as part of the Women’s March. 

If you know we can do better as a country and if you want to be part of organizing a long term movement for systemic change that improves the lives of our families and communities in basic and fundamental ways then join us.   

Get Involved!

We welcome anyone who wants to work for positive change in the Mahoning Valley!

Feel free to reach out to us via phone at (330) 506-5364 and (330) 307-9784 or you can reach us via email at MahoningValleyVoices@gmail.com 

You can also find us on Facebook at Valley Voices United for Change  and on Twitter at 

Valley Voices@MahoningVoices